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Principal: Claudia Harris

September 25, 2014

  • Attention all students! The fall dance is here! We will be selling tickets during both lunches in A3. The cost is $5 each. We will be selling tickets on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We will NOT be selling on Thursday, the day of the dance. You will need your ID card or planner in order to buy a ticket. Dress Western to the dance to win cool prizes! See you there!
  • Hey everyone! The college spirit competition starts October 1st. The winning class each month will receive a pizza party. Ask your 5 th period teacher for more information. Brought to you by AVID – proud sponsor of your future.
  • For those 7th and 8th graders that are interested in participating in the knowledge bowl, there will be a quick meeting after school in Mr. Brown's room, H8, on Thursday the 25th. Mr. Brown will have all the information and details on the upcoming competitions. If you can't make it on Thursday but would like to participate, come by H8 and let Mr. Brown know. Hurry though - the first competition is October 3rd!